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Massage Salves in Old Orchard Beach, ME

All of our salves are handmade at MassageCraft with the finest natural ingredients in a base of local beeswax and extra virgin olive oil.
Lavender Rosemary Rub - Massage Products in Biddeford, ME
Lavender Rosemary Rub

Enjoy the refreshing scent of our Lavender Rosemary Rub. Lavender induces sweet dreams. Both lavender and rosemary are known to relieve nervous tension and headaches, as well as to sooth coughs and muscle aches. It makes a great moisturizing foot rub. What better cure for insomnia than a good massage with our Lavender Rosemary Rub.
Dragon Rub - Massage Products in Biddeford, ME
Dragon Rub

Our most popular product is a pain relieving tingly rub. Rub it vigorously into sore muscles and feel the soothing tingle up to 1 hour after the application. It is infused with camphor, menthol and capsicum among other pain relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients. We use it in the clinic during cupping and guasha for penetrating and lasting results.
Mint Madness Rub - Massage Products in Biddeford, ME
Mint Madness

Mint Madness, our cooling and invigorating rub with a hint of lemon, is particularly refreshing for hot and tired feet. Suffering from sore shoulders and hot flashes at night? Quiet the ache and cool off with Mint Madness. Mint is also indicated for eczema, insect bites, and bee stings. Feeling a little lethargic or depressed? Let the uplifting scent of mint elevate your spirits.